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The IT job market continues to gain strength in spite of a tremulous and fluctuating environment. In the current scenario, finding skilled technology resources to fill short-term needs or expanding an organization's IT resources to meet critical project deadlines can both be very tricky. With over 15 years expertise in the staffing industry, we continue to grow and build our recruitment capability and expertise. We build long-term relationships; 90% of our clientele are repeat customers and we enable them to meet their current and future business needs, and develop effective, flexible, scalable workforces. With an integrated IT Staffing capability our scale and proven experience adds value to our clients talent acquisition goals.

IT staffing is one of the most useful key resources of the corporate world. TeamLease IT Staffing services helps the business owners to find staffs for their. It is one of the best ways that a business person can earn a certain objective by hiring staffs from TeamLease. It is one of the best ways to find the talented staffs for a particular project across the industry. There are many firms who cannot afford or are not willing to hire permanent employees for their projects. Here, TeamLease IT Staffing services come to the help where you can either hire temporary or permanent employees for balancing the heavy workload and seasonal pressures at the workplace.

Though the system of IT staffing services India is in service for a long time, it has adopted several new trends in the recent times. It has come up with a number of objectives to ensure client satisfaction as well as to recognize the talent of the individuals.

  • Focus on specific requirements - The requirements of the IT firms are quite similar, if categorized. Depending on such demands, TeamLease as a IT Staffing Agency has developed their IT Staffing Models. These models would help the clients to achieve the specific requirements efficiently.
  • Tested developments - To meet the requirements of the client and ensure absolute customer satisfaction, it is important to get the details of the client's purpose. This service is known as the Offshore Development and Testing Centre (ODTC). Everything regarding the project which needs to be developed, is discussed with the client and then resulted. There arises difficulty in certain projects where, communicating with the client, engineering staffing services is provided.
  • Immediate project handling - The service providers keep a certain team who are extremely talented. This team is stitched up to handle immediate projects which have short deadlines.
  • Flat Price Project - This type of project has been designed to meet flat projects with determined deadlines. In this case, flat price quotes are provided to the client. There is no chance of bargaining or change in work until the client has a valid point to present before the employee.

How does TeamLease IT staffing services help?

Staffing process has been one of the most crucial factors in the IT firms. Especially, for the smaller business firms and start-up companies, it creates a lot of problems. They neither have the expanded budget nor the potential to identify the talent of an employee. Moreover, in many previously set up business firms, the lack of staff strength may harm the business projects, thus affecting the work flow of the company. Due to such frequently observed problems, IT staffing Solution was brought into existence. Be it a temporary staffing problem to handle seasonal pressures of work or permanent staffing to start up a business firm, TeamLease IT staffing have always come to the rescue.

  • Get in touch with the experienced workers of the industry - Due to the existence of staffing agencies like TeamLease, you do not need to raise your blood pressure to find a staff. We are ready to provide you with employees depending on the type of work. Especially, during the busy season of the company, it is very hectic to organize interviews and going through CVs. So, engineering staffing agency makes it absolutely hassle free.
  • No scope of disturbed budget - Hiring IT staffs only at certain times to meet the work pressure does not affect the company's budget at all. While, in case of permanent employees the total amount to be paid annually would have increased, disturbing the fixed budget.
  • No scope of fixed staff strength reduction - Heavy workload might bring the permanent workers under pressure with regular overtimes, if extra workers are not hired. This may lead to the reduction of staff strength. To avoid such situations, it is better to hire temporary staffs to balance the immediate work pressure. In this way, the fixed staff strength also does not get stretched.
  • Coping up with unfamiliar projects - There may be projects which your staffs have never handled. In such a situation, you may look for Engineering staffing from staffing agencies who can provide you with the experienced staffs to handle specific projects. These staffs are highly qualified and can meet your requirements without any fault.
  • Balances sudden vacancies - Sudden termination of a permanent employee from the office may disturb the whole workflow of the company. In such cases, hiring a staff who possess the required abilities from a temporary staffing agency, manages the work flow and does not affect the company's reputation.

How TeamLease picks candidates for IT staffing?

TeamLease which aim to provide engineering staffing services, follow a certain pattern of rules when it comes to choosing a candidate. It is a very important task as many other companies, willing to hire staffs, take their reviews into consideration before hiring them. So, a thorough test of the knowledge and experience of the employee is required.

  • Hosting technology networking events - This helps the candidates and for us to come across each other and communicate.
  • Individual interview sessions by our experienced seniors - Individual interview sessions of the candidate are organized to examine their abilities thoroughly.
  • Maintenance of database to mark the candidates according to their credentials and performance - It makes it easy to specify the candidates during a particular hiring process.
  • Behavior study of the candidates to determine their level of cooperation - Cooperation is the key otherwise, handling sudden projects with an all-new team would be almost impossible.
  • Determination of success and fulfilment or goals of the employee through smaller or larger opportunities - Each employee has an urge to the fulfilment of their goals depending on their professional qualifications and TeamLease provides them a path to walk through.
  • Technology friendly candidates with an overall experience of the working process - A thorough knowledge of technology is expected from the candidates of IT firms. Such a staff is always preferred during the time of immediate hiring, depending on the requirement of the client.

During the past year TeamLease has acquired the following IT staffing companies through its wholly owned subsidiary, TeamLease Staffing Services Private Limited.Consequent to the acquisitions of these three entities the base platform of staffing business has extended its arms to IT staffing business:

ASAP Info Systems Private Limited

Nichepro Technologies Private Limited

Keystone Business Solutions Private Limited

ASAP Info Systems is a 12 year old staffing company. ASAP offers specialized manpower services to the leading CMM Level 5 companies in India. ASAP focuses on helping the customer in meeting very critical EAS resource requirement and offers a unique business opportunity to the partner / customers to save cost and hassle of getting into the complexity of sourcing and training. ASAP is focused to offer the ready to use resources in most of the critical EAS areas like SAP, Seibel, PeopleSoft, Oracle Applications, Business Intelligence, and MS Dynamics.

ASAP understands the critical challenges Industry is facing to build and retain the talent pool and have complete range of people supply chain services to allow the customer to focus on the core business making them more productive.

The IT industry envisions a shortage of up to 3.5 million skilled workers by 2020. Globally, leading organisations are innovating to address the problem of talent shortage and is working like on war-front to innovate the ways to build the talent muscle in organisations, for today and tomorrow.
The key to this problem lies in identifying the prospective employees early and then invest in training and refining their skills to make them employable. Traditionally, the interviews and selection processes are largely based on what a person has done and not on what he/she is capable of doing. Recruitment models and Processes that can analyse a candidate's potential and predict future performance can help solve the talent problem to greater extent. ASAP R2D model is a unique initiative build on the same belief and works based on the organisations forecast of talent requirement in the critical Enterprise Application area.

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Nichepro Technologies Private Limited (Nichepro) is primarily engaged in the business of providing information technology staffing solutions,consulting and other
allied activities to various IT product companies.Currently Nichepro has over 150 associates and 30 core employees. A Tier 1 staffing provider to reputed Multinational companies, Nichepro was acquired as a step-down subsidiary of TeamLease through TSSPL w.e.f. October 01, 2016. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Nichepro Technologies post acquisition, total revenue mounted to H112.36 mn and profit after tax of H74.00 mn.

Over the years, Nichepro has developed competencies in select areas and has emerged as a trusted partner for companies like Cisco, Motorola, VMware, CA to name a few with high quality, flexible offerings at competitive costs in areas such as legacy application modernization, Testing, Cloud Services, Mobile Technologies etc..

Nichepro will leverage its technology and domain expertise to provide services in the following areas.

  • Quality Assurance / Testing CoE
  • Communication & Set Top Box
  • Offshore global delivery center
  • IT Infrastructure Management and Operations

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Keystone Business Solutions Private Limited started its operations in 2009, just at the brink of a global recession, with a focus on the emerging or re-emerging markets, with a commitment to deliver best of breed IT services, and with a belief that in the light of global recession, where almost everything was unpredictable, predictability of outcomes was the only commodity that enterprises were looking to buy and this belief paid off. Keystone was started as a Technology Boutique, specializing in delivering IT Services to enterprise customers in Banking, Manufacturing, Retail and Healthcare Industries.

The company was founded by a team of senior Information technology executives, with a wealth of experience in building startup organizations and growing them into mid/large organizations delivering sustained results through the right mix of process, technology and people.

We quickly moved from a start up to be a mid sized boutique firm with focus on predictability and quality in our deliverables and interactions with stakeholders. We as a company have a value proposition, and fierce determination being inspired by the likes of Apple, 3M and Toyota for their excellence in business, powered by a deep passion for what they do.