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ASAP Info Systems

ASAP Info Systems is a 12 year old staffing company. ASAP offers specialized manpower services to the leading CMM Level 5 companies in India. ASAP focuses on helping the customer in meeting very critical EAS resource requirement and offers a unique business opportunity to the partner / customers to save cost and hassle of getting into the complexity of sourcing and training. ASAP is focused to offer the ready to use resources in most of the critical EAS areas like SAP, Seibel, PeopleSoft, Oracle Applications, Business Intelligence, and MS Dynamics.

ASAP understands the critical challenges Industry is facing to build and retain the talent pool and have complete range of people supply chain services to allow the customer to focus on the core business making them more productive.

The IT industry envisions a shortage of up to 3.5 million skilled workers by 2020. Globally, leading organisations are innovating to address the problem of talent shortage and is working like on war-front to innovate the ways to build the talent muscle in organisations, for today and tomorrow.
The key to this problem lies in identifying the prospective employees early and then invest in training and refining their skills to make them employable. Traditionally, the interviews and selection processes are largely based on what a person has done and not on what he/she is capable of doing. Recruitment models and Processes that can analyse a candidate's potential and predict future performance can help solve the talent problem to greater extent. ASAP R2D model is a unique initiative build on the same belief and works based on the organisations forecast of talent requirement in the critical Enterprise Application area.

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